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Thank you for your trust and support to Only on the machinery company, our company attaches great importance to product pre-sales and after-sales service, advanced technology, first-class technical service personnel to provide you with the fastest, most enthusiastic service, the service commitment is as follows:


Pre-sales consulting

Used to guide theThe machine maintenance

1, if you are interested in our products, have the intention to buy, we can provide you with detailed information, you can call to consult, so that you do a detailed understanding of our products.

2. We can design the products suitable for your production according to your requirements.

1. After you purchase the products of our company, we will send professional technicians to your company for installation, debugging and operation training. Our technicians will not leave the factory until the machine runs normally and the workers are skilled in operation.

1. The warranty period of all products of our company is one year from the date of your purchase. Within the warranty period, our company will send professional technicians to visit our company in time for free maintenance, and all expenses will be borne by our company.

2. Implement the lifelong tracking service system.

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