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Shanghai Factory: No. 11, Yechang Road, Yexie City Industrial Park, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Anhui Factory: Intersection of Longchi Road and Hongqi Road, Centralized demonstration Park, Jin 'an District, Lu 'an City

Sales Department (Domestic)

Telephone: 021-67731677

Mobile phone: Mr. Yang, 1800177 8370

Mobile phone: 158 0180 9969 Mr. Wei

Mobile phone: 131 6627 5807 Mr. Jiang

Foreign Trade Department (Overseas)

Telephone: + 86-21-67731677-818

Mobile phone: +8613166267510 Elaine.Gu

Mobile phone: +8615079278912 Nicole

Procurement and Supply Department


(Note: To sell electromechanical accessories, please contact this number)

After-sales Service Department


Mobile phone: 131 6626 8341 Ji Gong

Mobile phone: 131 6625 1765

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